Wig Policy Pg. 1

Thanks for choosing us to bring your dream wig to life! 

The following are the rules and the process for those providing their own hair:


NUMBER OF BUNDLES NEEDED: (these are the minimum, you can always provide extra bundles for fullness)

14" and below = 2 bundles needed.

16" - 22" = 3 bundles needed.

24" - 28" = 4 bundles needed.

30" = 5 bundles needed.



Hair styling (Cutting, Curls, Crimps, Color) Straightening only. This option is currently only available for wigs made with hair provided by Mane Textures.


Used closures or frontals are currently not accepted. 


Results may vary based on the quality of hair you provided. Low quality hair will not function the way great quality hair does. If you provide low quality hair your baby hair may not lay correctly and your knots may not take well to bleach.


1. Add Custom Wig Service to cart and pay for the wig service.

2. You will package the hair and mail it out or drop it off to the following address with-in 72 hours: Mane Textures, Mail Box #313, 7715 Crittenden St. Philadelphia, PA 19118

3. If you decide to mail it instead of drop it off, get a tracking number and send it to us by email. Simply respond to your Order Confirmation email and add in your tracking number.

4. Once your package is received the turnaround processing period will start. 

5. Once your wig is completed you will receive a Shipping Conformation email that will include your tracking number. 

6. Be on the look out, your package can't wait to meet you!