Size Chart

When buying a wig, keep in mind that wig caps comes in different sizes. All of ours are made with a medium size cap. When booking the Custom Wig Service, be sure to send us your correct head measurements for the best fit!

How to measure your head:

  1. Circumference: Start at the hairline, in front, follow the headline behind your ear. Then around the back to the nape, behind your other ear, and around the front to where you began. 
  2. Front to Back: Measure from your hairline in the front, back over the top of your head, then down to the nape. (Just below the indent where your skull meets your neck). 
  3. Ear to Ear: Start in the crease where the ear attaches to your head. Bring your tape measure straight up directly over the top of your head and then straight down to the same position at your other ear.