Q: What are ‘glue-less’ wigs? 
A: Wigs that DO NOT require lace glue
 application; a temporary adhesive is optional. 
Q: What's the Ready to Wear Wig Collection? 
A: Wigs that are purchased as is, factory made, customized, pre-styled and ready to apply.
Q: What is a custom made wig?
A: Hand-crafted from scratch using your head measurements and your choice of style.
Q: How can I book a custom made wig service?
A: Visit www.manetextures.com and click ‘Wig Services’. Then click ‘Custom Wig Service’ and select your options. Include your head measurements.
Q: Can I put a wig on hold?
A: No. All payments must be paid in full.
Q: What are lace front wigs? 
A: Wigs that have lace across the hair line and top of the head, from ear to ear. Then extensions sewn in the back of the cap. Can part in the middle and either side. 
Q: What are lace closure wigs? 
A: Wigs that have a small portion of lace in the front and extensions sewn to the back on a cap. Can do center or off-center parts. 
Q: How do I know which wig size I wear? 
A: Refer to the size chart. Visit www.manetextures.com and click Size Chart
Q: How long is processing and shipping? 
A: Due to COVID-19 shipment may be a little behind. Please allow 3-5 business days if items are in stock. 5-10 business days if not in stock. 
*Orders placed on a holiday may arrive 1-2 days later than normal. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will ship the following Monday or Tuesday. 
Q: What payment options are available? 
A: PayPal.
Q: I don’t see the answer to my question. How can I contact you? 
A: Please email us at manetexureshair@gmail.com