Our Story

Mane Textures Luxury Hair Collection LLC was created in 2020 by our lovely CEO who found her passion for wig making and decided to embark on a new journey making women feel stylish, confident and luxurious. She found herself making custom wigs for women of all ages and those suffering from sicknesses that cause hair loss which propelled her dream of starting a hair company providing wigs and hair extensions that simplifies the lives of working women.
“Mane Textures is more than just a hair company, it’s a lifestyle.” 
In 2016, our CEO came home from attending her second year in college and was unsure about what was next for her journey. Family and friends recognized her passion for hairstyling which inspired her to attend cosmetology school and graduate with a license. 
As a hairstylist, clients shared their life stories and would say how amazing they felt afterwards even if they were facing some sort of health or life challenge. Although there were obstacles along the way she continued to persevere and follow her passion of starting her own business. She did just that by obtaining an LLC and launching Mane Textures Luxury Hair Collection LLC in 2020.
 Our CEO is proud to provide high-quality wigs and services to women like herself, who want the finer things in life or strive to have it. She believes that every woman deserves to feel empowered and a higher standard of excellence.