Let's Talk Wigs & Different Types

All wigs are NOT made equal. 

Whether you are newly #teamwigs or knee-deep in the wig game, you're probably reading this because you're wondering "what other types of wigs are out there?" We're so excited to take this journey with you, MANE Babe!

Wigs allow us to be as creative and versatile without the hassle of cutting, coloring and heat damaging your natural hair. It actually works as a great protective style so that you can care for your natural hair and scalp underneath by keeping it braided up and oiled up daily. 

As trends from celebrities and beauty influencers evolve, we are constantly inspired to wear new hairstyles. Wigs allow us to do just that. One of the newest trends are braided wigs. YES, BRAIDED WIGS! Just take a sec, think about how much time you'll be saving by going from a silky straight bob to a long flowing braided wig. 

Types Of Wigs

As a MANE Babe, you get the options of Lace Frontal Wigs, Lace Closure Wigs and U-Part Wigs (also known as V-Part Wigs). Our Lace Wigs all have transparent lace, which is more versatile for skin complexion, longevity and durability. The most low-maintenance of them all are U-Part Wigs because it's basically a sew-in that you can remove and reapply at anytime. So, let's dive in!

Lace Frontal Wigs

Our Lace Frontal Wigs come in the dimensions of 13x6. This means that the hairline on these items will cover the entire length of your front hairline. This gives the customer enough space in the front of wig to style a deep side part or pull straight back into a ponytail. Lace Frontals are high maintenance because there is more lace to work with and applying with a lace adhesive is the best application option. However, this wig option is great for those who like to keep their style in for a couple of weeks depending how strong the lace adhesive is. 

Lace Closure Wigs

Our Lace Closure Wigs come in the dimension of 4x4. This means that the dimensions in width and length of the lace itself are reflected in this measurement. This wig option is perfect for beginners who need a quick and easy style. There is enough space on the lace to wear a center part or an off center part. Lace Closure Wigs can be worn glue-less or with a simple sprits of strong hold hair spray on the front of the lace. 

U-Part Wigs

Our U-Part Wigs are typically made by order under our wig services. These are made with hair extensions sewn on to a wig cap, while leaving a U shape cut out at the top, similar to a sew in with leave out for your natural hair to blend in. You can get a fresh sew in look under 10 minutes! No Lace, no glue required. Simply do a few braids, adjust the wig combs inside of the wig and style. 

Are Wigs For Me?

Every MANE Babe should experience a wig at least once! Why? because we want you to achieve looks that your natural hair cannot. Whether, you want to wear long hair, short hair, colored hair or a completely different texture it's all your preference. 

Good wigs are an investment, this means spending a little more now will save you time, energy and money in the long run.

We cannot wait to see your new MANE Babe look in our luxury wigs. Be sure to tag us, we love selfies!

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